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Energy StarPinpoint Professional Services is a Georgia Power approved subcontractor for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR home assessments (HPwES) and conducts these assessments according to ENERGY STAR guidelines in the greater Metro Atlanta area. These assessments can point to energy savings which can be found and assist homeowners in becoming more green and reducing their carbon footprint.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR provides homeowners a comprehensive "whole house” approach to home energy efficiency improvements. The program also provides improved comfort or livability in homes and improves air quality within homes. Pinpoint is certified by both Southface Energy Institute and the Building Performance Institute and works with homeowners to pinpoint sources of wasted energy and comfort problems in homes. This in turn helps to make your house more comfortable and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Pinpoint Professional Services uses state-of-the-art equipment to recommend cost effective energy efficiency improvements.

Who Are Good HPwES Candidates?

1. Those who want to save money on energy costs
2. Those who want to improve comfort of rooms & houses
3. Those who want to reduce allergens like dust or pollen in their home
4. Those who want to be green and reduce the carbon footprint of their house
5. Those who live in a house more than 20 years old
6. Those with newer two story houses and a room over the first floor garage

Is A HPwES Assessment the same as an Audit?

No! Georgia Power provides free energy audits which last about ½ hour but the HPwES assessment will take at least 4 hours and must be paid for. However homeowners connected to Georgia Power can receive up to a $200 credit for the assessment.

How Did the ENERGY STAR Program Get Started?

The EPA established the ENERGY STAR program and started rating TV’S and computer monitors. Now they rate building components, almost all appliances, and entire homes. NOTE: Plasma TV’s consume enormous amounts of power compared to LCD TV’s)

What is included in a HPwES Assessment?

1. Evaluation of duct leakage out of the heating and cooling ductwork
2. Evaluation of the amount of air leakage into and out of your house each hour
3. Evaluation of the heating and cooling systems
4. Evaluation of the insulation effectiveness in the house
5. Evaluation of the safety of the natural gas appliances in the house

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